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Gorgeous Christopher Reeve SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE Figure From Sideshow

by ZeeshanN
Christopher Reeve SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE Figure From Sideshow

Sideshow Collectibles has unveiled the new Superman: The Movie Premium Format Figure which features Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel. Reeve is my all-time favorite Superman, the guy had a twinkle in his eye and he is super cute and something about him that no other actor that has played Superman has brought to the character.

This new Superman Premium Format Figure that has been just revealed is incredible. The detail on the figure is stunning and I’d love to have one! But, $585 is a very expensive price for most fans. For those of you who are Superman fans that can afford it, You can pre-order it here.

“I’m here to fight for truth and justice and the American way.”

Sideshow presents the Superman: The Movie Premium Format™ Figure, bringing hope to your lineup of DC Comics collectibles.

The Superman: The Movie Premium Format Figure measures 20.5” tall, lovingly crafted in the iconic likeness of actor Christopher Reeve as Superman. His portrait features stunning blue eyes, a confident but humble expression, and the signature kiss curl in his hair, capturing Clark Kent’s incredible alter ego. Superman stands on a base inspired by the poster for the 1978 film, depicted here as a black circular platform with a raised silver recreation of the hero’s unique shield emblem.

The Superman: The Movie Premium Format Figure is a mixed media collectible featuring a fully fabric costume carefully tailored to his muscular physique, recreating Superman’s on-screen appearance. The figure wears a blue suit, red trunks, and a red cape with internal wiring for posing. The symbol of the House of El is imprinted on the chest of his suit, and his cape features a yellow embroidered logo on the back. Superman also has sculpted red boots and a yellow belt accent around the waist, completing his unforgettable look. 

You’ll believe a man can fly when you bring home the Superman: The Movie Premium Format figure. Add him to your DC Comics collection today!


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