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Google Will Add 120 Games To Stadia This Year

by ZeeshanN

If you think Google Stadia’s launch is not exciting enough and it is a bit lukewarm because it doesn’t have the numbers in games, no worries because Google’s plan for 2020 is huge they will be adding as many as 120 new games to the new streaming platform, giving gamers a lot of options when it comes to game streaming.

Stadia is not like Netflix where you pay a subscription fee and access a collection of games for free. Gamers will still need to buy individual games in this case, but with 120 new games expected to be added this year, there will be more choices for gamers who might have felt not excited by the lack of games.

As well as launching new games, Google is also introducing some new features to Stadia that gamers have been asking for. Like support for wireless gameplay through the web using the Stadia Controller, more Google Assistant support, and also 4K gaming, which was earlier only available through the Chromecast Ultra dongle.

There was no mention of extra support for mobile games, however. Right now Stadia is only available on mobile through Pixel smartphones, but some reports have hinted that Google is growing on that by testing the service on non-Pixel Android phones. Time will tell.

Source Ubergizmo

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