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Glowing Reviews for ‘Cocoon’ – The Latest Addition to Xbox Game Pass

by ZeeshanN

We’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of Cocoon, and it’s not surprising to see the game receiving rave reviews ahead of its launch this Friday, the final addition to the Xbox Game Pass lineup for September 2023.

Unfortunately, Pure Xbox wasn’t able to secure early access to Cocoon for our review. However, there are numerous other outlets that have played the game and shared their thoughts, so we’re here to break down the highlights for you.

Let’s delve into the Cocoon reviews before it arrives on Xbox Game Pass:

Eurogamer (5/5) “Worlds sit within worlds in this properly magical puzzle adventure.”

GameReactor (5/5) “With its consistent visual expression, deeply evocative sound design and, not least, exuberantly original gameplay, Cocoon is a very rare experience.”

IGN (9/10) “With a relatively short playtime and some well-hidden collectibles that make it worth replaying, Cocoon is a must-play for fans of Limbo or Inside, or anyone looking for a new puzzle adventure to play and then sit down and think about for a while.”

God Is A Geek (9/10) “It’s magical, exciting, and enthralling from start to finish, and I’m not sure you’ll play a better puzzler this year.”

Push Square (9/10) “In a year packed with brilliant games, Cocoon manages to stand out thanks to its unique mechanics and some of the best level and puzzle design we’ve seen in years.”

Game Informer (8.75/10) “I don’t know that I will ever fully understand what transpired during my molecular journey on Cocoon’s alien world, but its imagery and puzzles will stay with me for some time.”

Dexerto (4/5) “With every new game mechanic or world I explored, it just kept impressing me to the point I was able to overlook its weaker story.”

Digital Trends (8/10) “Cocoon is a mesmerizing debut for Geometric Interactive that’s filled with ingenious puzzles that will unlock your animal instincts.”

Based on the initial reviews, it appears that Cocoon is on track to score somewhere between 85 to 90 on Metacritic, or possibly even higher. This is a remarkable achievement for the game’s development studio, Geometric Interactive.

The most exciting part is that we’ll have the opportunity to experience Cocoon ourselves on Xbox Game Pass this coming Friday, September 29th. This release is the perfect way to wrap up what’s been one of the most outstanding months ever for Xbox’s subscription service. Get ready for an adventure that promises to be truly captivating!

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