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Ghost of Tsushima Will Hit Stores June 26th, New Trailer Revealed

by ZeeshanN
Ghost of Tsushima

The release of the highly anticipated Ghost of Tsushima is set for June 26th, 2020. Andrew Goldfarb, Communications Manager at Sucker Punch Productions is taken to the official blog to share more details about the game also they released a new story trailer for the game.

Ghost of Tsushima is a single-player action-adventure game that is highly anticipated, it is based in an open world revolving around Jin Sakai, one of the last samurai on Tsushima Island during the first Mongol attack of Japan in the 1270s. The game is a PlayStation exclusive and it will be played in a third-person perspective and features a large open world without any waypoints allowing you to go around the map without guidance.

“It is so much fun to finally be able to announce our release date, and even better that it’s just a few months away. We can’t wait to share the world we’ve created! Today we revealed a brand-new trailer that showcases our hero, Jin Sakai. In the past, we’ve shown the world around Jin, but this time we wanted to give you a taste of the people he meets along his journey and the scale of the threat that forces him to transform into a new kind of warrior. While you’ll catch glimpses of several of Jin’s allies and enemies in today’s trailer, there are two we want to focus on in particular.”


“The first is Jin’s uncle, Shimura, the jito (lord) of Tsushima and a father figure to Jin. He’s trained Jin since childhood in the traditional ways of the samurai, and grows increasingly concerned by the tactics Jin starts to adopt as he abandons his teachings and becomes The Ghost. The second important character we’re highlighting today is Khotun Khan. The Khan is the leader of the invading Mongol army and a ruthless, cunning enemy who uses everything he knows about the samurai to try to destroy them. He’s a brutal, unrelenting adversary that Jin will quickly learn not to underestimate.”

Source: PlayStation

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