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GHOST OF TSUSHIMA is Gorgeous to Look At!

by ZeeshanN

Sony’s new State of Play broadcast has ended. We are waiting for Ghost of Tsushima for a long time. Ever since the E3 reveal showing off the game and the brief snippets they revealed, And today, we have gotten our most detailed look at the game yet!

Ghost of Tsushima has players taken the role of Jin on the Island of Tsushima. The scenery looks absolutely beautiful with different locations to travel to. The grassy hills and forested areas are especially impressive as various blades of grass occupy the screen and move with the nice moving breeze. leaves also rain down from the trees in the heavy breeze really adding more detail and reality to this game world!

I previously mentioned there are cues in the environment that will also direct you towards points of interest, for example, smoke in the distance. Animals can also be key to discovering new things that I will enjoy while playing this awesome game. It is just so playful!

Ghost of Tsushima combat system looks even better! There are 2 modes of play that can be used when it comes to battle. The first option is the honorable way of the Samurai. With this method, Jin will call out his opponents to fight him. As a Samurai, there are a number of different fight stances that can be used with each being effective against various types of opponents. It was also a thrill to see arrows being diverted!

The second style of battle is to take on conflicts as the ghost. With this style, the game almost becomes a stealth game with Jin creeping around and assassinating his Mongol enemies. For encounters with many enemies, distractions can be employed to set up a winning double kill! If found smoke bombs and kunai can be used to avoid and dispatch enemies. Since the ghost has made a name for his destructive force enemies will actually get frightened of your way of battle!

Both styles are awesome and it will add an extra layer of fun and playability in the game and I can’t wait to see which one I will use for my battles when the game finally releases. Jin can have several outfits to suit both styles. If you like to customize your character, you can even dye them to suit your mood!

Today’s showcase also took the time to highlight some bonus features the game will be having a Photo Mode that is severely in-depth. Photo modes are not for me but the way you will be able to customize it has me thrilled to see what users can create with this system, I am sure people with skills with come out with some awesome designs! Ghost of Tsushima will include a full Japanese voice track with English subtitles to get you the immersion to an 11! One other extra I found especially fun is the Samurai Cinema mode which converts the game into an old Samurai movie!

Ghost of Tsushima’s will release on July 17!  Check out the showcase video below:

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