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Garmin Bounce Kids LTE Connected Smartwatch Revealed

by William Linden
Garmin Bounce

Garmin has revealed that it is launching a new kids’ smartwatch, the Garmin Bounce, and it is the company’s first LTE-connected smartwatch for children.

The Garmin Bounce comes with GPS and LTE so parents can stay connected to their kids and their location, it also comes with a check-in feature and more.

Using Bounce’s built-in GPS and LTE connectivity, parents can stay connected and know their kid’s location with location tracking on Bounce, all through the Garmin Jr. app on the parents’ compatible smartphone. No need to switch phone service providers – the LTE subscription is managed directly through Garmin. Parents can set defined areas and be notified when their kid leaves the set boundaries. Children can also use the “check-in” feature to share their current location, which sends a notification to the Garmin Jr. app on the parents’ smartphones. In case kids forget, parents can “refresh” their child’s location in the Garmin Jr. app to see their current whereabouts.


In addition to location tracking, families can communicate with their kids through the Garmin Jr. app. Directly from their watch, kids can send text and voice messages to the Garmin Jr. app on a compatible smartphone or to other Bounce smartwatches, so long as both watches are approved to communicate with each other by their family administrators. They can also respond with customizable preset messages, voice messages, emojis or sound emojis to parent-approved contacts and in Garmin Jr. family group messages. During school days, parents can turn on school mode or do-not-disturb from the Garmin Jr. app to limit distractions to help kids stay focused while they’re in the classroom.

You can find more details about the new Garmin Bounce kids smartwatch from the link below. The device will come in three colors and it will cost you $150.

Source: Garmin

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