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Gaming Accessories Coming Out This Year By NACON

by ZeeshanN
Gaming Accessories

At today’s NACON Connect show. The company’s Head of Accessories, Yannick Allaert, began this part of the show by speaking about their first official Xbox peripheral, the RIG PRO Compact controller and then went onto some new gaming products that they are coming out by year’s end.

The products he talked about were the mobile gaming controllers that were revealed last year, the MG-X and MG-X Pro. Each one possesses its own style and design but both are sure to be of interest given how big Xbox Cloud Gaming is becoming. In fact, these have been designed with Game Pass Ultimate in mind and are created to be compatible with any smartphone on the market.

The next stop was a full-sized Pro controller. The Revolution X is a normal-sized take on what the PRO Compact did but has even more of the features and creature comforts that you’d expect out of a Pro-style controller. It has Dolby Atmos into it, a full-featured software to change your presets with, a carrying case, stick accessories, and weights. There are also some programmable buttons on the back which were sorely missed on the PRO Compact.

Allaert spoke explicitly about the PlayStation 5 products that the company would be bringing to the table. Two new headsets; the RIG 400 HS and the RIG 500 PRO HS. As well as the RIG HS Streaming Mic and the DAIJA Arcade Stick, the latter being a project that was created with the support of Kayane, with whom they worked on the PS4 version. He promised that this new version would and an upgraded and enhanced experience that is for next-gen consoles.

He ended the section by showing that there are lots of announcements for new console and PC products to come within the next several months. He also said that NACON is committed to develop and enhance its products with new iterations as technology advancements.

NACON Connect was a fabulous show that gave a ton of info on what the company has in store. Be sure to check out the complete show below or click this hyperlink to go straight to the Accessories segment.

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