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Gamescom: Honkai: Star Rail from Genshin Impact Developer Gets New Trailer

by William Linden
Honkai Star Rail

Hoyoverse and Honkai Impact fans seem to be waiting for more information about its upcoming turn-based role-playing game Honkai: Star Rail. The developers didn’t release much information about the game, only using major gaming events like Gamescom 2022 and Summer Game Fest last June as platforms to deliver critical updates to its fans. Now, Hoyoverse has released a brand-new trailer for Honkai: Star Rail that features more of the game’s story and characters.

Honkai: Star Rail was first revealed by Hoyoverse back in October 2021. The shift of genre from action-RPG to turn-based likely came as a surprise for fans of both Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact. However, the Hoyoverse community was probably still excited about the title as it likely offered something new, no matter how different the game genre was. What’s more, with Honkai: Star Rail still being part of the Honkai Impact universe, familiar characters are part of the title and will likely be given more focus in future story updates like the newly released trailer.

Hoyoverse is likely to release more information about Honkai: Star Rail soon. With the 2nd closed beta closing last June 2022, the devs have already probably received a lot of feedback to further improve the game before launch. Hopefully, the fans will not have to wait too long, and that Honkai: Star Rail will get an official release date sooner than later.

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