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Funko Revealed 2 New Party Games Based On TV Comedies Coming 2022

by ZeeshanN
Funko Party Games

Funko has announced two new party games based on hit television comedies Ted Lasso and Parks and Recreation. Both will be available later this year and both sound like competitive cooperation games. Fans of these shows will definitely want to check out these games. I’ve been really impressed with how well Funko has turned beloved franchises into board games so I would expect these to be pretty good. Check out the breakdown of each game below.

Ted Lasso Party Game

  • Ted Lasso Party Game

    • Life at AFC Richmond isn’t always simple, but Ted Lasso knows how to rally his team! Now you can join the coaching staff and show that you believe in Believe! Choose how to help your friends and footballers. If you ever get stuck, just break out the biscuits! This feel-good party game is all about having fun, the Lasso way!

    • MSRP: $19.99, Ages 10+, 2-6 Players, Available Summer 2022

Parks and Recreation Party Game

  • Parks and Recreation Party Game

    • Remember what’s important in life: Friends, Waffles, and Work! Relive your favorite moments from the hit TV show in this party game! Pick one of Pawnee’s famous Parks and Recreation projects, make deals, and recruit help. You’ll need to work with your colleagues, but if you can take more credit, you’ll earn sweeter rewards. When Li’l Sebastian is done eating, the game ends and whoever has the best waffles wins!

    • MSRP: $19.99, Ages 14+, 3-6 Players, Available Spring 2022

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