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Funko Games Announce New Expandable Game DISNEY KINGDOMANIA

by William Linden

Funko recently announced a new expandable tabletop game called Disney Kingdomania. The game’s style is inspired by classic 8-bit video games and the theme is that the players must patch glitches in a video game featuring classic Disney and Pixar characters. There are 40 characters for you to collect including rare “glitched” characters that have translucent orange accents. The game will be available this fall and comes with a couple of options that cost $9.99 or $22.99.

Created for girls and boys ages 6 and up, Disney Kingdomania takes place inside a make-believe, 8-bit video game experiencing glitches that are mixing up the levels! Players must patch the glitches before it’s “Game Over” for the characters and their digital game world. Available as a Super Game Pack, containing four character figures, two powerful items and 20 game tiles, or a portable Game Ball holding two characters and 12 tiles. Both are a complete and playable game at purchase.

There are some different options for buying Disney Kingdomania. What most people will likely go for first is the Super Game Pack. This is the more costly option and comes with 4 characters, 2 powerful items, and 20 game tiles. The other is the Game Ball which comes with 2 characters and 12 games. This is the only way to get the “glitched” characters. Now, you may notice that 4 + 2 is not 40. That’s right, this is an “expandable game” which means there is a blind bag element to the game. This will surely rub some people the wrong way while others will love it.


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