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Friday The 13th: How Many People Jason Voorhees Killed, And Where To Stream Every Movie

by William Linden
Friday The 13th

It’s that time of the year when the air gets a bit spookier, and the calendar aligns to bring us the ominous Friday the 13th. While for many, this day is synonymous with bad luck, it has gifted the horror genre one of its most iconic figures—Jason Voorhees.

For over four decades, Jason has been on a relentless killing spree, leaving a trail of terror that spans from cabins in the woods to the vastness of space. Engaging in activities like drug use in a secluded cabin or indulging in a bit too much intimacy in the wilderness? Well, according to Jason’s rules, that’s a one-way ticket to the afterlife. Even attempts to escape to Manhattan or explore life in space haven’t been enough to elude the clutches of this notorious slasher.

The infamous hockey mask has become synonymous with Jason Voorhees, a symbol of horror woven into the fabric of Americana. Despite being a fictional movie monster, there’s an odd sense of celebration surrounding this merciless killer. As we take a stroll down the gory memory lane of the Friday the 13th film series, which commenced its blood-soaked journey in 1980, spanning an impressive 43 years, one can’t help but wonder: just how many victims has Jason claimed in each installment?

While previous rankings may have focused on box office success or overall film quality, this time, let’s delve into a more morbid metric—the body count. It’s worth noting that true fans are aware that Jason wasn’t always the sole perpetrator in every movie of the franchise. Fear not, we’ve got that covered too.

So, brace yourself for a trip through the gruesome landscape of Jason Voorhees’ murderous escapades. From the classic gore of the early years to the more recent additions, we present to you a ranking of every Jason movie based on the sheer number of lives he has mercilessly extinguished. And for the hardcore enthusiasts, Shout Factory has unveiled a boxed set containing every movie, complete with deleted scenes from Friday The 13th: Part 2, including the legendary Gore Cut. To add to the thrill, you can find these films available for streaming, with a little spoiler: almost all of them are conveniently accessible on the same streaming service. Happy viewing, if you dare!

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