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Free-To-Play Dragon Fighter Game CENTURY: AGE OF ASHES Now On Even More Platforms

by Mata Hari

With the exciting release of the game’s official Season 1, Playwing has revealed that their free-to-play dragon fighter game Century: Age of Ashes will be available on all existing Xbox and PlayStation platforms! With the game already available on PC via Steam and Epic Games, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One as of July 12th, all that is left is for it to come to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, which are scheduled for release this Summer. Best of all, no matter what platform you play on, it will have complete cross-play support.

As for what Season 1: A Shadow Over Skeld brings to the game, players can now harness the mighty power of the electric elements as ‘The Stormraiser’ – the new dragon rider class. This expansion update also sees the inclusion of the Valkürian Sanctuary Map, a new DragonPass leveling system, a competitive season, events, and more additional features. Also, as the Season progresses and comes to its climax, the new map itself will change with lore-driven evolution in Century’s first-ever PvE event, which will offer players a visual spectacle you won’t want to miss!

Everything you can expect to see from the new Dragon Pass:

  • Free Dragon Pass Tiers / Premium Dragon Pass Tiers ($10 USD)

  • 70+ Exclusive Rewards, including 18 dragons, 3 complete Rider Outfits (head, torso, cape, etc), 10+ weapon customisations & 20+ consumables (hard/soft currency, XP boosts)

  • New leveling system. Complete missions to earn Levels & Stars, levels unlock reward tiers in the Dragon Pass, spend Stars to buy rewards in-game, and earn hard/soft currency after reaching level 100.

  • Lore Books will unlock as the Season unfolds.

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