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Frasier Sequel Series Gets a Premiere Date And First Photos

by William Linden

Exciting news awaits fans of the iconic TV series “Frasier” as its much-anticipated sequel is set to grace screens once again. Mark your calendars for October 12, 2023, as Paramount+ proudly announces the grand premiere of the series with not one, but two thrilling episodes. And as if that wasn’t enough to spark joy, Paramount has generously treated us to a tantalizing sneak peek of the show, accompanied by a fresh rendition of the original’s beloved theme song that’s sure to evoke a sense of nostalgia.

The prodigal return of Kelsey Grammer to his Emmy Award-winning role as the witty Frasier Crane is a cause for celebration. Anticipation mounts as this iconic character prepares to reenter our lives later this year. Brace yourselves for a captivating journey, as the first season unwraps ten episodes filled with intrigue, laughter, and a touch of the unexpected. A treat for both sides of the border, new episodes will grace screens every Thursday on Paramount+ in the U.S. and Canada, and on Fridays for international viewers.

For those yet to immerse themselves in the world of Paramount+, here’s a treat for you. CBS has arranged a special broadcast of the first two episodes, back-to-back, on October 17 at 9:15 ET/PT. It’s a golden opportunity for both devoted fans and curious newcomers to dive into this exciting revival series.

Reviving the time-honored tradition, the new series will once again capture the magic in front of a live studio audience. Set against the backdrop of Boston, Frasier Crane embarks on a fresh chapter of his life, complete with novel challenges, budding relationships, and the pursuit of old dreams. Yes, you heard it right – “Frasier has re-entered the building!”

Joining Kelsey Grammer in this anticipated journey are a host of talented individuals. Jack Cutmore-Scott takes on the role of Frasier’s son Freddy, while Nicholas Lyndhurst brings life to Frasier’s old college friend turned university professor, Alan. Toks Olagundoye assumes the character of Olivia, Alan’s colleague and the head of the university’s psychology department, while Jess Salgueiro steps into the shoes of Freddy’s roommate, Eve. Additionally, Anders Keith shines as Frasier’s nephew David, contributing to the series’ dynamic ensemble.


Behind the scenes, the creative forces at work are formidable. Writers Chris Harris (known for “How I Met Your Mother”) and Joe Cristalli (a talent from “Life in Pieces”) spearhead the series’ creation, also bearing the title of executive producers. Alongside them stands Kelsey Grammer, joined by Tom Russo and Jordan McMahon in steering the show’s course. The honor of directing the inaugural two episodes falls to the illustrious James Burrows, a 10-time Emmy Award-winner who co-created “Cheers” and boasts involvement in other beloved series such as “Frasier,” “Will & Grace,” and “Dear John.”

A trip down memory lane reveals that “Frasier” initially graced NBC’s airwaves from 1993 to 2004, emerging as a cherished spin-off of the renowned “Cheers.” During its original run, Kelsey Grammer walked away with a collection of four Emmys, solidifying his place in television history. The seeds of this revitalization were planted as early as 2018, when Grammer’s yearning for a reboot began to take shape.

So, set your excitement levels to high as October 12 draws near, and prepare to once again relish the wit, charm, and brilliance of “Frasier” in its next enchanting chapter. For more tantalizing tidbits, why not explore our list of canceled TV shows we’re itching to see revived or take a delightful journey through shared universes of days gone by?

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