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Forza Motorsport A ‘Pleasing Upgrade’ Over Forza 7, Says Digital Foundry

by William Linden
Forza Motorsport

As we’ve all come to expect, the team over at Digital Foundry has already had plenty of hands-on time with Forza Motorsport ahead of its upcoming launch – and that hands-on time has resulted in the above tech review that goes over lots of nitty-gritty Forza-flavored details.

The full video is certainly worth watching, but we want to focus on the outlet’s comparisons to 2017’s Forza Motorsport 7 here. This head-to-head takes up a big chunk of the above analysis, and it’s a fascinating look at how Turn 10 is successfully pushing forward into the current generation.

Their review dubs Forza Motorsport “a pleasing upgrade” over the Xbox One’s Forza 7, and we must admit, there are some pretty big upgrades that we didn’t even notice during our hands-on time with the Xbox Series X|S racer. Here’s a quick quote about some of the game’s standout upgrades – including reworked foliage and lighting:

“Turn 10 puts the fictional nature of the Maple Valley track to good use too, by placing lots of overhanging trees alongside the track edge, creating a more dynamic-looking track that highlights the reworked foliage. The game’s lighting, in general, also gets a big boost. Forza Motorsport 7 tends to have a flat appearance which looks unnatural in shaded areas. Its sequel typically has a richer lighting presentation, which is especially noticeable in complex areas like trackside stands.

A lot of this stems from the game’s ray-traced ambient occlusion (RTAO), which is present on the Series X version of Forza Motorsport in its performance RT and visuals modes. Global illumination also seems considerably enhanced, with the track and environment taking on a more natural hue through a range of lighting conditions. At times, these improvements produce a very striking image, with a dynamic lighting presentation relative to the earlier title.”

If you’re playing on Xbox Series X, it looks like you’re getting a big upgrade, then, which is great to hear coming from Digital Foundry themselves! If you want to see how we got on when comparing the new game across Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, check out Pure Xbox’s Forza Motorsport comparison down below.

Digital Foundry’s in-depth analysis of Forza Motorsport’s graphical improvements offers a fascinating glimpse into the advancements made by Turn 10 for the latest installment in the series. The upgrade from Forza Motorsport 7 on the Xbox One is described as “pleasing,” and it’s clear that there are substantial enhancements that may not be immediately evident during hands-on gameplay with the Xbox Series X|S version.

One notable improvement highlighted in the review is the attention to detail in elements such as foliage and lighting. Turn 10’s creative use of the Maple Valley track, complete with overhanging trees along the track’s edge, results in a more dynamic and visually appealing environment. The lighting in the game has also received a significant boost. Forza Motorsport 7 suffered from a somewhat flat appearance, particularly in shaded areas, which gave off an unnatural feel. However, its successor exhibits a richer and more realistic lighting presentation, especially in intricate areas like trackside stands.

These graphical enhancements can be attributed in part to the inclusion of ray-traced ambient occlusion (RTAO), a feature available in the Series X version of Forza Motorsport in both its performance RT and visuals modes. Additionally, global illumination has been noticeably improved, infusing the track and the game’s environment with a more natural and dynamic color palette across various lighting conditions. At times, these improvements result in a visually striking image, further emphasizing the game’s attention to dynamic lighting presentation compared to the earlier title.

For players using the Xbox Series X, it’s clear that they will experience a substantial upgrade in graphics and overall visual quality, which is excellent news as confirmed by Digital Foundry’s analysis. If you’re curious about the performance differences between the new game on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, you can explore the comparison provided by Pure Xbox below.

Feel free to let me know if you’d like any further expansion or specific details added to the text.

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