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Forza Horizon 5 Trailer Comes With Mexican Cactus Needles

by ZeeshanN
Forza Horizon 5

Check out this brand-new Forza Horizon on the horizon, and its foliage is going to be some of the most amazing, most accurate foliage ever presented in a video game. According to Playground Games creative director Mike Brown, they’ve rendered the individual needles on the cholla cactus we’ll be racing by at a hundred miles per hour. That’s some highly detailed cactus.

On November 9, Forza fans on PC and Xbox consoles around the world will be racing through a beautiful recreation of Mexico in what the developers are saying the “largest and most diverse open world ever in a Forza game.” From sparse deserts to dense rainforests, fascinating cities to the caldera of a volcano, Forza Horizon 5 players are in for all sorts of plants thwapping their leaves against the expensive paint jobs of their virtual vehicles.

Forza Horizon 5

These plants are going to scratch the cars. Cactus needles plus a dirt road equals severe vehicular plant massacre on my part and then there are rainforests that need protecting from my cars.

Check out the full gameplay reveals video for a deep look at the tech that powers Forza Horizon 5’s plants, as well as its cars, racing, weather, murals, and extensive multiplayer options.


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