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Fortnite’s Croft Manor Looks Amazing, gifts free items

by ZeeshanN
Fortnite Croft Manor

There are too many crossovers happening in Fortnite from Street Fighter, Alien, and now Tomb Raider. There are four Tomb Raider skins you can get in this season’s battle pass, and now a Creative Mode level is out that lets you search a very accurate Croft Manor.

It’s rather hammed up in Fortnite fashion. There are huge lava pits and dank caves to get even with, but the vibe is very familiar to playing around in Anniversary’s version of the mansion. There looks to be some puzzle-solving and platforming in the level, with a trailer showing a bookcase being rotated and the squad going across a lava river. Check out the video below.

The Mystery at Croft Manor Experience will be available until March 31, and finishing it nets you a redemption code for a Tomb Raider-themed spray. The level will still be available after the event, but without the reward, by entering the code 0116-9392-3142.

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