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First Look At ‘Scarface 2’ Video Game

by ZeeshanN

Little did the world know that somewhere out there, at Radical Entertainment, a sequel to Scarface: The World Is Yours was in development. The original 2006 title was pretty amazing, to say the least – the action-adventure, which kind of acted as a sequel to the 1983 movie, released on the PS2Xbox, Wii, and PC, and was received really positively.

With that in mind then, it’s little wonder that a follow-up game was planned and in the works, but as you’re probably guessing based on the fact that nothing was ever released, yeah, this tale doesn’t have the ending that fans would be hoping for. As reported by VGC, we’ve just found in one fell swoop that the game existed… and was then withdrawn. Just to rub salt into the wound, we’ve also seen what the real thing really looked like, and sadly, it was looking very good.

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