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First Look At Hot Toys’ Armored Deadpool Collectible Figure

by William Linden
Hot Toys' Armored Deadpool Collectible Figure

The Merc with a Mouth has achieved his ultimate form in Hot Toys’ new Armored Deadpool collectible figure. The first piece in the Armorized Warrior Collection, Deadpool looks indestructible and fatal. Featuring his signature red and black colors with a matte finish and dark silver highlights.

The ⅙ scale figure features a helmet with LED light-up eyes, a light-up chest and hands, a pair of katanas, a sai, a dagger, shuriken, and pistols that can be merged to create a heavy machine gun. If that wasn’t enough for you, an exclusive special edition also comes with an energy cannon. Sideshow has released an unboxing video of the figure and it looks insane.

You can preorder your own Armorized Deadpool from Sideshow for $405 with the Collectors edition available and the Exclusive edition only available to get on a waitlist.

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