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First Food Joint For Squirrels Is Doing Good In Lexington, Kentucky

by ZeeshanN
Food Joint For Squirrels

Many squirrels in Lexington, Kentucky are quite happy. Squirrels are our little friends. Squirrels deserve more adventurous dining options for sure. So this business made them a tiny burrito restaurant.

SquirrelsSquirrelsSquirrels Burritos is the culinary collaboration of GirlsGirlsGirls Burritos, the locally-owned place for exceptional Tex-Mex fare made by people who care, and Cornett, a Lexington ad agency with a knack for fun attention-grabbing work.

The little establishment is a stunning scale replica of the GirlsGirlsgGirls storefront. It boasts a comfortable patio space with mini picnic tables for al fresco dining and a vegan-friendly menu with signature items like The TrashSquirrel Burrito.

Local news was called to cover the story for the opening and a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Then, of course, appreciative squirrels were given to some small squirrel burritos.

More info: Instagram | foodandwine.com | Facebook

The miniature model


A side-by-side comparison of the original GirlsGirlsGirls burritos location in Lexington, Kentucky, and the new, squirrelified version.

The restaurant even has a cute logo

Image credits: girlsgirlsgirlsburritos

From the post on Instagram:
“Yo Lexington! Everyone’s invited to the grand opening of our second location– SquirrelsSquirrelsSquirrels Burritos–the world’s first and only restaurant designed exclusively for SQUIRRELS! We’ve got little squirrel picnic tables! Vegan squirrel burritos! It’s ALL SQUIRREL ALL THE TIME at SquirrelsSquirrelsSquirrels! Join us tomorrow behind the UK Fine Arts Building at 3 p.m. to cut the ribbon and hang out while we fatten up some fluffy tree rats for the winter!”


Making lil’ squirrel burritos

Wade Hancock and Sara Wood rolling up some delectable vegan squirrel burritos with almond butter and pepitas.


The ribbon cutting

Cutting the ribbon to much fanfare on the University of Kentucky campus.

The spread

Burritos, quesadillas, and an assortment of fine local beverages for our squirrelly friends’ enjoyment.

The first guest

Our first customer went straight for the quesadillas. A smart choice.

This little squirrelly business is doing awesome.

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