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First Crisis Event Comes On RAINBOW SIX EXTRACTION

by ZeeshanN

Ubisoft’s latest co-op first-person shooter game Rainbow Six Extraction players can expect to see game crisis events. These are post-launch content enhancements that are major, limited-time events where players face unique large-scale threats in the Containment Zone. Special events to keep the game engaging for those that have been grinding it out there!

The first crisis event has hit the game already and it is the Spillover Event. As Sprawl Colonies spread across the hot zones, players must use the new Dissolution Agent canisters to draw out waves of enemies and wipe out colonies of the alien Sprawl. Teamwork and a defense-focused strategy will be critical to surviving this event.

All players who log in during Spillover will have a chance to earn the exclusive new REACT tech: the Auto-Turret, a deployable turret that automatically targets and attacks Archaeans!

Rainbow Six Operator, Zofia, has arrived on the Extraction roster! Players can look forward to what she is known for; her highly trained survival strategies will be a vital asset. By furnishing additional defense REACT tech to Zofia’s Grenade Launcher, players can enhance their chances for a prosperous incursion.

This is only the first of many crisis events to come to Rainbow Six Extraction.

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