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Firefight is Coming Back To Halo Infinite

by ZeeshanN
Firefight is Coming Back To Halo Infinite

Back in the early days of October, 343 Industries dropped the exciting news of Firefight making a grand comeback in Halo, taking the form of the captivating ‘Firefight: King of the Hill’ mode for Halo Infinite. Fast forward a mere two months, and we’ve had the pleasure of getting hands-on with the game mode, gearing up for its much-anticipated debut in Halo Infinite Season 5. It’s safe to say that Firefight has seamlessly found its place in 343’s latest Halo installment.

While the spotlight in Infinite has been predominantly on PvP, especially in its lively service endeavors, Firefight KOTH injects a refreshing dose of co-op action into the multiplayer scene. It’s a welcomed addition, offering a more laid-back experience tailored for the long-time PvE enthusiasts within the Halo community.

This innovative take on the mode introduces some delightful twists, yet at its core, it retains the essence of Firefight. Waves of enemies swarm the battleground as you and your squad valiantly fend off adversaries from the vast array of Halo Infinite, including the formidable foes encountered in the game’s campaign, such as the imposing bosses like Esharum. It’s a blast, and we can easily envision spending countless hours immersed in this thrilling co-op adventure!

For a sneak peek at the Firefight gameplay before its public release, check out our video producer wreaking some Halo havoc. We’ve got around 20 minutes of early gameplay waiting for you above! And if you’re in the mood for a quick overview of Craig’s thoughts before diving into the action yourself, here’s what he had to say about his Firefight preview session:

“Diving into a fresh Firefight experience in 2023 filled me with overwhelming joy. Firefight seamlessly integrates into Halo Infinite, providing another casual avenue for players who adore the campaign but aren’t exactly fans of the intense PvP lobbies. I’m eager to witness the evolution of Firefight in Halo Infinite.”

We’re confident that this addition will be a game-changer for Halo Infinite. Firefight promises to infuse a delightful variety into the Halo multiplayer landscape as Infinite continues its triumphant journey. Get ready for an epic ride!

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