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Fennec Kids Smartwatch Will Connect The Family and Friends

by ZeeshanN
Fennec Kids Smartwatch

The development team at Fennec base in Newark, Delaware, has made this new kids smartwatch called the Fennec Watch One, specifically created for teenagers, allowing them to connect to families and friends in safety. It is launched via Kickstarter this month the project is offering discounts on early bird pledges and worldwide delivery is expected to start during June 2020. Fennec kids smartwatch available from $109.

kids smartwatch

kids smartwatch

Who needs the Fennec Watch One?
– For kids who don’t yet have a smartphone: With Fennec Watch One, your kids can now connect and share their lives with you, whenever they want!
– For kids who already have a smartphone: They can use their smartphones for entertainment when you’re around and use Fennec Watch One to stay connected when away from home. Your child can use their phone to manage their Fennec Watch.

Features of the Fennec smartwatch include:

– Fennec Watch One is the first smartwatch specifically designed for tweens (above 8 years old).
– Stay connected: It helps you stay connected with your child with phone/video calling and safe social sharing features.
– Reduce screen time: There is no YouTube, TikTok, or Snapchat so your child isn’t distracted and won’t spend too much screen time.
– Your child will love it: It makes time fun for your child as it has many features that your kids will absolutely love


kids smartwatch

Source: Kickstarter

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