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Exclusive: Stellar Savings on Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra Xbox Controller

by William Linden
Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra Xbox Controller

The Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra Wireless Gaming Controller has swiftly emerged as a compelling contender amidst the dominion of pro-style controllers for the Xbox Series X|S. While the Elite Series 2 reigns as the reigning monarch in this realm, the recently unveiled Stealth Ultra offers a noteworthy alternative. Debuting late last year with a flurry of anticipation, it has now received its maiden discount, marking it down to a tantalizing $185 from its original $200 price tag. Though still positioned at a premium tier, the array of features bundled within this sleek peripheral renders it a proposition worthy of contemplation.

Crafted by Turtle Beach, the Stealth Ultra boasts a suite of premium features tailored to elevate your gaming experience. Hall Effect thumbsticks promise precise control with minimal drift, while tactile microswitch face buttons ensure responsive inputs. Four customizable back buttons expand your arsenal of controls, granting you greater flexibility in gameplay. Complementing these attributes is a vibrant RGB lighting system that not only adds flair but also serves as a visual aid in dimly lit gaming environments. Not content with merely aesthetic enhancements, the Stealth Ultra integrates adjustable trigger stops, enabling swift and decisive actuations to gain a competitive edge.

However, the pièce de résistance of this controller lies in its innovative built-in display. This intuitive interface allows for seamless customization of settings and even provides notifications from your smartphone, seamlessly integrating your gaming and digital experiences. Such innovative features are seldom found in other gamepads, setting the Stealth Ultra apart as a unique offering in the market. Furthermore, with an impressive battery life of up to 30 hours on a single charge, support for storing 10 profiles directly on the controller, ergonomic grips for extended comfort, and compatibility with Xbox, PC, and mobile devices via Bluetooth connectivity, the Stealth Ultra asserts itself as a formidable contender challenging Microsoft’s first-party dominance.

Critics have lauded the Stealth Ultra’s prowess, with Steven Petite of GameSpot hailing it as a worthy adversary to the Elite Series 2. Despite its higher price point, the comprehensive feature set and impeccable build quality make it a standout choice for discerning gamers. Petite remarks, “Premium build quality, well-designed controls, and the onboard suite of customization features make the Stealth Ultra a controller that’s hard to knock in any meaningful way.”

For those hesitant to invest in a premium gamepad, there are alternative options worth considering. The Elite Series 2 Core, renowned for its exceptional value, presents a compelling proposition. A Renewed Premium model, resembling and performing akin to new, is available on Amazon for a mere $87. Alternatively, a crimson-hued Elite Series 2 Core can be procured for $96. Though lacking the swappable components of its premium counterpart, the Elite Series 2 Core can be augmented with inexpensive back paddles to enhance functionality. Meanwhile, for those amenable to wired connections, the 8BitDo Ultimate offers remarkable value at $45, especially with the inclusion of Hall Effect analog sticks, ensuring precise control without compromise.

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