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Everything Announced At EA Play Live 2020

by ZeeshanN
Star Wars Squadrons 

Electronic Arts had some announcements made for its not-E3 presentation today, which includes a new Skate game that is very early in development, Apex Legends coming to Nintendo Switch, and more details on Star Wars: Squadrons.



They have “a long way to go” and this is “just the start” and thanks for your “patience” so clearly do not hold your breath. “You commented this into existence,” said a developer.

Apex Legends is coming to Switch and Steam this fall, with cross-play.

Later in this year, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, Origin, and Switch players will all be able to play some amazing battles royale together. The next Apex event, Lost Treasures, release on June 23 and carries a lot of new features and items.

Star Wars: Squadrons 

The “definitive Star Wars pilot experience” will have a single-player story mode that will let you play as several different pilots in various scenarios, flying for both the Empire and the New Republic in a story just after Return of the Jedi. It’ll also have a 5v5 multiplayer. 8 different ships will be playable in the game. There’s cross-play between consoles and PC, and also between flat-screen play and VR as well. The whole game is playable in VR, optionally. It will be released on October 2.

Takes Two.

According to director Josef Fares, it’s a “co-op action-adventure that will blow your f****** mind away.” It will be released in 2021.

Lost In Random is the new game from Zoink Games.

 In a world where randomness is dreaded and shunned, a little girl befriends a little anthropomorphic die named Dicey. will be released in 2021.


7 EA games will come to Switch over the next 12 months.

This also includes the previously-announced Apex Legends and tomorrow’s release of Burnout Paradise.


EA will publish the previously-announced game Rocket Arena very soon.

This interesting shooter was announced by indie studio Final Strike Games last year but is now under EA’s aegis. The original version had a closed beta last year as an FPS, but it’s now been overhauled into the third person. Coming to PS4, Xbox One, Origin, and Steam, with crossplay, on July 14.

Next-generation work in progress from BioWare.
Next-generation work in progress from BioWare.
Screenshot: Kotaku (EA)

Criterion, BioWare, DICE, and EA Motive are making next-gen console games.

They revealed some in-development footage from next-gen development kits. They didn’t really name any of those upcoming games, mind you. But they’re hard at work making them! They will come out, in the future, someday.

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