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Elden Ring Got Thomas the Tank Engine Now

by ZeeshanN
Elden Ring Got Thomas the Tank Engine

Courtesy of the new Tree Sentinel Thomas Mod, he is now in Elden Ring.

A Tree Sentinel is an optional boss in Elden Ring who comes out very early in the game—you can see one almost as soon as you step out into the world. And they’re difficult to miss: They’re large, armored humanoids on large, armored steeds and packing shields and battleaxes that are massive even compared to the Sentinels’ outsized frames. Bluntly threatening, in other words, at least when you first see them.

This mod takes the edge off by replacing the Sentinel’s mighty horse with the smiling, wide-eyed Thomas. He moves like a horse, he sounds like a horse, but there’s no mistaking that blue and red paint job. But based on the test video above, it’s not just the Sentinel’s horse who gets the Thomas treatment: You get to ride Thomas too! If I like this sort of stuff.

The one problem with this mod is that it’s more complicated than most to install. Instead of just copy pasting DLL files into the “mods” folder (and making sure that you’re playing offline), you’ll need to unpack your game using a modded version of UXM to unpack and patch the game, and then unzip the Thomas mod library  into the Elden Ring folder. It’s a lot—really, more than I’m ready to take on.

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