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Eddie Izzard Unleashes Horror in ‘Doctor Jekyll’ Trailer: A Terrifying Transformation

by William Linden

Horror aficionados are no strangers to the spine-tingling tale of Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 gothic novella, “Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde.” This timeless narrative has continuously fascinated audiences, making its way onto both the silver screen and television screens over the years. In the world of horror, few studios have achieved the level of iconic status that Hammer Films has, and the prospect of their union with Stevenson’s classic is a mouthwatering blend of two great tastes coming together. Hammer is back with an all-new adaptation of the enduring tale, and after our previous exclusive glimpse at Eddie Izzard in the role of Doctor Jekyll, we now present the highly anticipated trailer, brimming with suspense and subterfuge.

Eddie Izzard assumes the role of Nina Jekyll, a renowned doctor who, in a desperate move, enlists the help of an ex-convict named Rob, portrayed by Scott Chambers. Little does Rob realize, he has unwittingly become a pawn in a sinister master plan devised by Nina’s dark alter-ego, Rachel Hyde. Chaos and bizarre occurrences unfold as he and Nina are forced to join forces to thwart Hyde’s malevolent intentions, preventing her from utterly destroying Jekyll’s life.

Directed by the talented Joe Stephenson and featuring a script by Dan Kelly-Mulhern, this fresh interpretation of the classic story undoubtedly promises a wealth of tension. As Rob delves deeper into his new role, he gradually uncovers that the job isn’t as straightforward as he initially thought. The enigmatic medication he’s tasked with delivering to Dr. Jekyll becomes a source of mounting concern and regret. While we, as the audience, already know the sinister truth, it will be exhilarating to watch Rob’s discovery unfold. Additionally, the inclusion of a surveillance angle adds an intriguing and modern twist to the narrative.

With the acting talents of Simon Callow and Lindsay Duncan in the cast, “Doctor Jekyll” is poised to grace the silver screen on October 27th, promising an enticing blend of classic horror, modern twists, and exceptional performances. Horror enthusiasts and fans of the timeless tale will undoubtedly be on the edge of their seats, eager to see how this new rendition breathes fresh life into the enduring story of duality and moral conflict.

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