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EA Revealed 3 Games For July, Including Need For Speed 2022, FIFA And Skate

by Mata Hari

EA’s Need for Speed series has taken a break as of late. However, its return seems to be right around the corner, as EA looks set to unveil the upcoming entry next month.

A recent exputer report via Tom Henderson showcases some fairly major details on the new Need for Speed. These aren’t concrete by any means and haven’t been confirmed by EA just yet, but they’re worth a look over nonetheless.

The reporter states that he’s heard the name ‘Need for Speed: Unbound’ thrown around as a potential title, although that could just be a codename. Henderson also corroborates Jeff Grubb’s reporting on the general style of the game, with Grubb saying that the game will “adopt a stylized aesthetic blending photorealistic graphics with anime elements”.

Apparently, the game will also present a new ‘meet-up’ component where groups can start events in co-op as a central feature. Henderson expects the game to be announced sometime in July, along with Skate and FIFA.


Speaking of FIFA, the report also touched on the upcoming title, which is set to be EA’s last FIFA game before pivoting to EA Sports FC. FIFA 23 will reportedly focus on unifying the men’s and women’s games, along with adding cross-play from the launch for further unification of the community. Henderson also said that while free-to-play FIFA rumors have circulated recently, that won’t be the case for 23 and it’ll remain a premium game.

As for when EA will reveal these two games, along with the next Skate, a date hasn’t been confirmed yet. This report expects all three to be revealed sometime in July, as EA skipped its traditional EA Play conference for this year’s ‘E3 Season’.

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