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DreamIT Wearable Will Help You Stop The Snoring

by ZeeshanN
DreamIT Wearable

If you or a loved one is affected by the heavy snoring disrupting other members during the night, a new answer may exist in the form of DreamIT, created by Nexense Technologies. Early bird pledges are available from $99.

“Our SmartSync wristband communicates with the doc station and vibrates anytime your breathing becomes interrupted. This gentle vibration takes you out of deep sleep into a lighter phase, a transition that trains your brain to breathe properly. Improving your sleep every night.

The Nexense app turns any smartphone into a snore tracking device and services as a control panel for your new DreamIT X3. By tracking your sleep patterns, the app uses machine learning to adapt the treatment and recommends improvements to your sleeping patterns and breathing habits”

Studies have found snoring to be a direct cause of:

– Exhaustion & fatigue
​​- Lack of concentration
​- Memory problems
​​- Increased long-term risk for a stroke
​​- Higher risk of heart disease and complications
​​- Chronic headache
– Decreased sexual satisfaction​​
– High blood pressure
​- Low oxygen levels in the blood
​​- Obesity
​​- Higher risk of mental health issues

Source: Indiegogo

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