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Draft Top Tool Can Take Off Drink Can Lids

by ZeeshanN

Check out this new very handy gadget that has been launched on Kickstarter called Draft Top, allowing you to simply remove the top of drinking cans giving a more smooth and refreshing way to drink canned beer or soft drinks. Check out the demo video below to learn more about the Draft Top which is now available on Kickstarter and is now available from $16 or roughly £13 and allows you to instantly remove the top of a beer can in just a few seconds and it does a very remarkable job.


“By removing the entire top, the Draft Top tool allows your nose to enjoy the aroma of your beverage instead of the aluminum top. Enhancing the flavor and allowing you to enjoy it as if it were glass. Spicing up your favorite canned drinks is even easier when you Drink Topless. Whether you like cocktails or just a little citrus in your beer, we’ve got you uncovered. The result is a topless can that enhances your drinking experience and allows you to do things with the can that you never thought you could.”

“Good news, the Draft Top tool works on Domestic, Imported, and Craft Beers. The Draft Top tool also works on Spiked Seltzers, Canned Wine, Canned Cocktails, Energy Drinks, Iced Coffee, Soda/Seltzer, and much more. Removing the top allows for an uninterrupted pour. Leaving you less full and ready to grab another. Ditch the glass and drink straight from the can.”

Draft Top tool

“ By opening the entire top, the Draft Top tool allows you to drink from the can even faster. Great for showing off your skills to your friends or for das bootsrennen.”

Source: Kickstarter

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