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Director Neill Blomkamp’s Battle Royale Shooter Game OFF THE GRID Trailer is Here!

by ZeeshanN

Gunzilla Games, the studio packed with AAA talent founded by director Neill Blomkamp (District 9Elysium), has announced its first release. Off The Grid is a battle royale third-person shooter game running on Unreal Engine 5 that is coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC next year.

Gunzilla claims that Off The Grid will be a story-first project. Players will log onto maps and full with story missions against 150 players, both real and A.I.-controlled. Players will be able to set the tone of missions, with certain actions rippling throughout the match and involving everyone on the map. This combination of story and multiplayer is seemingly why the studio is calling it a “battle royale 2.0.”

The teaser trailer doesn’t reveal as much, but it does reveal Off The Grid‘s sci-fi and cyberpunk style, which makes sense. Blomkamp was once connected to a Halo feature movie and is very well known for directing District 9, both of which are in the sci-fi genre. The cyberpunk angle, however, is new for the director.

Of course, just the idea of battle royale isn’t enough to sell a game in today’s market. With Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone ruling the roost and a bunch of others nipping at their heels, Off The Grid will have an uphill battle before it.

2023 is filling up with games that will finally push past the days of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but it remains to be seen if Off The Grid will be one of those games to lead the pack into a technologically advanced video gaming future.

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