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Dino Crisis Meets Far Cry in Open World Dinosaur Survival Adventure

by ZeeshanN
Dino Crisis

Fans have been waiting patiently for Capcom to revive the Dino Crisis series, a fervent desire that has persisted for decades. Unfortunately, as of now, there’s no glimmer of hope indicating that such a revival is in the cards. The last installment, Dino Crisis 3, hit the gaming scene in 2003 for the original Xbox. While the idea of battling dinosaurs in space seemed intriguing, the execution fell flat, leaving fans yearning for a new and improved chapter for over two decades.

As the anticipation lingers, fans have taken matters into their own hands, actively petitioning for a revival. With Capcom basking in the success of recent Resident Evil remakes, there’s a glimmer of hope that a new Dino Crisis might emerge someday. Until that moment materializes, fans are left wondering what other gaming realms could scratch that nostalgic itch.

Enter “Ferocious,” an indie game crafted by OMYOG that presents itself as the love child of Dino Crisis and Far Cry—a promising concoction of open-world dinosaur survival adventure. Described as a first-person shooter with a dash of wonder and a sprinkle of over-the-top action gameplay, Ferocious beckons players to “Fight, Explore, Survive.”

Embark on this prehistoric odyssey after a shipwreck in the Pacific Ocean, awakening on the perilous shores of a mysterious island. As one of the few survivors, navigate deadly encounters with prehistoric creatures and armed mercenaries. The game promises an immersive and visually stunning experience, offering a dynamic and interactive world replete with intense combat, weapon customization, and a variety of prehistoric creatures—both foes and potential friends.

The game’s description paints a vivid picture: “Uncover the dark truth hidden within this enigmatic landscape as you fight for survival, explore treacherous terrains, and unveil the secrets lurking within Ferocious’ timeless ‘Lost World’ setting.”

As of now, Ferocious isn’t available for purchase, but you can wishlist it on Steam to stay abreast of updates regarding its release. The hope lingers that if the game proves its mettle on PC, it might eventually find its way to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, offering a beacon of excitement for fans yearning to reignite their passion for dino-infested adventures.

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