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Did The Last of Us 3 Just Get Teased?

by William Linden

It appears that the development of The Last of Us 3 may already be underway. While Naughty Dog has officially confirmed that they are working on a multiplayer game set in The Last of Us universe, they have been rather tight-lipped about their other projects. However, there are strong indications that their next endeavor could very well be The Last of Us 3.

One intriguing clue comes from Shannon Woodward, an actress renowned for her work in both television and video games. PlayStation gamers recognize her as the voice and likeness behind Dina in The Last of Us Part 2. Although video games have not been a prominent part of her career, she has recently hinted at involvement in a new video game project. While this could theoretically be any game, it seems highly probable, given her history with The Last of Us Part 2, that she might be involved in The Last of Us 3.

Woodward dropped a tantalizing hint on her personal Instagram page, revealing that she is currently working on a “top secret video game.” What’s particularly intriguing is her use of three emojis in the post, which many fans have interpreted as a subtle nod to The Last of Us 3.

However, it’s important to note that, as of now, this remains speculation. While the PlayStation community is abuzz with excitement, there is no concrete confirmation from Shannon Woodward, Naughty Dog, PlayStation, or anyone associated with the series. Until there’s an official announcement, we can only speculate.

If indeed this is a teaser for The Last of Us 3, fans are undoubtedly curious about what direction the third installment will take. What would you like to see in the next chapter of this beloved PlayStation series? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas as we eagerly await further updates on this potential project.

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