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Dad Builds Disney ‘Star Wars’ Experience for Daughter

by ZeeshanN

In 2019, this family’s daughter asked for a Disneyland-themed party at their house for her birthday in April, but because of COVID-19, they had to delay the attractions and delay the party until 2021.

The “ride” was built in the family garage, and simulated the “Star Tours – The Adventure Continues” attraction at Disney’s many theme parks. It’s modeled from the original 1987 version of ‘Star Tours’ featuring Paul Reubens (the man who played Pee-wee Herman) as Captain Rex.

The enthusiastic kids line up as an adult takes them through the experience, which includes Captain Rex’s frustration with the programming on his first flight.

Han SoloPrincess Leia, and Darth Vader were played by the family’s friends. The family didn’t make any cash from the party or the video, they just wanted to communicate their fun with kids and fans all over the world.

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