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Cuphead’s Exciting ‘Anniversary Update’ Drops Exclusively for Xbox & PC – Get Ready!

by William Linden
Cuphead's Anniversary Update

Microsoft and Studio MDHR have exciting news for Cuphead fans, as they’ve announced an exclusive free update for those who own the game on Xbox and Windows. This update is set to launch this Friday and brings a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes content to enrich your Cuphead experience.

The Cuphead Anniversary Update promises a trio of delightful features: an Art Gallery, a Music Player, and a Behind-the-Scenes video player. Let’s delve into what these goodies have in store for you:

1. Art Gallery: This is a real treat for Cuphead aficionados. It’s packed with “never-before-seen concepts and unused art pieces.” Get ready to feast your eyes on the creative process that birthed the captivating and unique visuals of Cuphead.

2. Music Player: For those who can’t get enough of Cuphead’s toe-tapping, jazzy tunes, the Music Player has you covered. It includes the entire Cuphead soundtrack, allowing you to relish the game’s delightful melodies whenever you please.

3. Behind-the-Scenes Video Player: This is where the magic happens. The video player hosts an array of captivating content, from recording sessions to unused trailers and much more. You can expect to find original sketches, concept art, process footage of painting or model work, unused music tracks, and even orchestra session footage. It’s a comprehensive look at the game’s development journey, giving fans an intimate peek into the artistry and creativity that brought Cuphead to life.

Chad Moldenhauer, Co-Director at Studio MDHR, expressed their appreciation for the Xbox community by saying, “Knowing that we wanted to give our thanks to the Xbox community that has shown us love from day 1, we really thought about the kinds of things we would want to see as fans of Cuphead. The goal was to make this update feel like a real peek behind the scenes at what went into bringing the game to life, across all parts of development!”

Mark your calendars for September 29th, when the Cuphead Anniversary Update will be automatically available to all Xbox and Windows owners of Cuphead. This exciting update promises to be a heartfelt gift to the Cuphead community, offering a deeper understanding of the game’s creation and its vibrant world. With the Art Gallery, Music Player, and Behind-the-Scenes videos, fans are in for a delightful journey through the artistic and musical marvels of Cuphead.

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