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CRYSIS REMASTERED Switch Gameplay Reveals New Destruction of Foliage!

by ZeeshanN

When it was first announced that Crysis Remastered would be coming on Nintendo Switch I didn’t believe it. Even the original PC release from 2007 can still paralyze some of the modern CPU’s so how would it work on the lower spec mobile hardware, it is impossible? I have been curious about this since release and thinking how well the game would end up running and how well it looks. In a new post today from the official Crysis Twitter, we can finally have some answers to both questions. The short video clip shared shows off the new and enhanced destruction engine.

The game looks brilliant with some noticeable lighting and particle animation. the action also looks smooth and even with falling tree it manages performance. Sure this is just a short clip but it goes a long way to showing we might actually be getting a legit Crysis experience out of mobile hardware! Thinking how out of this world the game was on the older machines having it in portable just feels like it isn’t real. We don’t have to wait a lot to see the final version as Crysis Remastered which will be released on Switch on July 23.

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