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Create Ancient Egypt In PHARAOH: A NEW ERA Gameplay Trailer

by ZeeshanN

Publisher Dotemu and developer Triskell Interactive unveiled new gameplay revealing ancient Egypt in the upcoming game Pharaoh: A New Era, which is a complete remake of the original class city building game. The game will feature fully re-worked 4k, 2D style graphics which keep the atmosphere and classic feeling of the loved franchise. The developer has taken intense care to make sure fans of the original Pharaoh feel right at home with the new title. Fans helped refine the gameplay during a closed pre-alpha test of Pharaoh: A New Era. Triskell Interactive will resume making the experience much better when the game is finally released.

 Pharaoh: A New Era features:

  • Visuals and mechanics – 4K graphics, enhanced user interface, and improved mechanics will please new and old fans alike

  • Expansive campaign – Includes the 2000 expansion Cleopatra: Queen Of The Nile and 53 missions with over 100 hours of gameplay

  • Relive history – players will relive ancient Egypt through six different time periods building trade centers, grand cities and more

  • Other additions – A full map and mission editor, as well as a free build mode, will also be included in the game

 Pharaoh: A New Era doesn’t have a release date. Check out the new gameplay trailer check out all the game features below.

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