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Coca-Cola Released a New Vending Machine Subscriptions in Japan

by ZeeshanN
Vending Machine

Coca-Cola is launching a vending machine subscription service in Japan which will revive sales in their drink dispensers. The machines have been a common thing in the country for more than a 100 years, with snacks and toys and even pet food and even beer. Even if you’ve never went to Japan, chances are that you know about them. Some may have found them on the Yakuza or Shenmue games at the very least. But you may not know that the pandemic has really hit the vending machine sales by over 35 percent as people were forced indoors and away from malls and high streets.

Coca-Cola is preparing a subscription option via its Coke On smartphone app that will let you get one drink per day for 2,700 yen ($25) per month from 340,000 vending machines. The “Coke On Pass” service will be launched in May with a special promotional offer of 1,350 yen ($12.40) which should get more people using the app, which had 25 million downloads already as of January 2021.

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