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Check Out Your Next Favorite Indie Game With The ID@Xbox Spotlight

by ZeeshanN

In this current situation around the world and the self-isolation, it is a bit hard for independent game devs, or any game studio for that matter, to attend exhibitions, and trade shows to show what they have been working on. Xbox plans to fight this setback with the ID@Xbox Spotlight.

The ID@Xbox Spotlight is a group of videos that you can check out on the ID@Xbox YouTube Channel. These videos highlight independent developers and the games that they have been working on; highlighting games we already know about, as well as some new announcements. In every video, you will learn from the developers themselves, as they show off their games coming to Xbox.

Included in the brand new announcements are games like Mischief’s Adios, Strange Scaffold’s An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs, Sector D2’s Project Wingman, Goblinz Studio’s Legend of Keepers, Mighty Yell’s The Big Con, and Vanimals’ Undying.

The games featured in this set of videos are just a portion of the 1600 games being developed within the ID@Xbox program. If you wish to stay up to date with independent games coming to Xbox, subscribe to the official ID@Xbox YouTube Channel.

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