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Check Out The New Resident Evil Village Gameplay Video

by ZeeshanN
Resident Evil Village

New Resident Evil Village gameplay has been revealed on the official PlayStation blog and it revealed more details about the game’s fighting, villains, and environments that will need to win. The deeper dive into the village and castle settings gives an overlook of the villains lurking within and how you will face them explains Gillen McAllister from SIE on the official PlayStation blog.

It was previously confirmed that the bonus game mode The Mercenaries was making a comeback in Resident Evil Village when it released early next month on May 7, 2021. The survival horror game has once again been developed and published by Capcom and will be the 10th important installment of the Resident Evil series and a narrative sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

“We’re only a few weeks away from the return of Capcom’s survival horror series. Launching May 7 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Resident Evil Village thrusts RE 7’s everyman protagonist Ethan Winters into a new, horrifying scenario. Torn from a blissful family life by events beyond his control, the once settled husband and father now finds himself lost and alone in a remote region of Eastern Europe, driven by a single goal: find his kidnapped infant daughter.”


“The feral beasts that have snarled their way through the trailers to date have an official name: Lycans. They’re the main threat to Ethan and others during our time in the village portion of the demo. Capcom explains these creatures mainly attack in packs, so it’s best to isolate and pick off one at a time. That information is paired with an unsettling image: lone Lycans hunched on the rooftops here and there around the village. Each growls and slowly shifts their position as Ethan passes. It’s incredibly tense. To shoot is to be overrun, yet you’ll never know when they may pounce. “

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