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Check Out The Gameplay Of GHOST OF TSUSHIMA

by ZeeshanN

Swords, arrows, assassinations, and one very brutal samurai. That’s the newest teaser for the highly-anticipated Ghost of Tsushima.

The short battle overview juxtaposes the two styles of conflict that will be available to players throughout the game. Facing enemies head-on will require patience, speed, and accuracy. Parry when attacked. Deflect coming arrows when necessary. And brutally kill the invaders and all who threaten your land. If that isn’t the right approach, maybe consider stealth options as you become The Ghost. Smoke bombs, assassinations, and intimidation through terror and uncertainty.

All of it set in the astonishing world of Tsushima.

The game is already released and reviews are awesome, exclusively for the PlayStation4.

If you want to learn more about the awesome game or check out some of the amazing screenshots and awesome wallpapers, click here.

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