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Check Out SKATER XL’s New Multiplayer Mode

by Mata Hari

After having an open beta for their multiplayer on PC for the last four months, Easy Day Studios has officially released multiplayer to all platforms with Skater XL! With the release of the multiplayer skate mode, players can enter random lobbies or build their own private ones to invite friends into. This provides up to 10 players the ability to get into an online skate session collectively.

Online lobbies will have the same replay editor functionality found in single-player that can be used in the new online mode, giving players the ability to save and edit group party lines, individual tricks, and memorable in-game events. Plus, the update includes performance enhancements for consoles, with improved frame rate and a smoother feel to gameplay, especially on base model units. You can also choose your character’s style with the new shoes from New Balance and éS Footwear, as well as a clothes capsule from Dickies with more gear and accessories coming out soon.

Better start organizing some games and start training your tricks because the multiplayer free skate mode is on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 right now! Watch the trailer below-featuring skateboard pros Tom Asta, Tiago Lemos, Evan Smith, and Brandon Westgate – all of which are in-game characters.

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