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Call of Duty: Warzone’s New Sniper Rifle is BRUTAL!

by ZeeshanN


If you are playing Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 in the past few days, you’ve probably seen the terror of the SP-R 208. The all new sniper rifle, seemingly based on the classic R700 sniper from Call of Duty 4, is now proving to be the best and brutal weapon in its class. Mixing high damage with awesome mobility, fire rate, and bullet velocity, the SP-R is a sniper dream. It basically has no drawbacks, which probably means Infinity Ward should lower its specs.

Right from level 1 with zero attachments, the SP-R feels is very good. A single chest shot is all you need to fully break armor. If you add on the 26” barrel and tack on a .337 Lapua magazine, the gun can maintain high damage over such a long-range that it’s a 1-shot headshot. Other sniper rifles can do that, but they’re slow and need heavy target leading. The SP-R’s default bullet velocity is so great that it still feels like hits can from 40-50 meters away.

The gun is so awesome and easy that keeping it in my Warzone loadouts with an SMG or assault rifle feels like a deadly combination.

A sharpshooter rifle with no downsides shouldn’t be outclassing beast .50 caliber rifles at long-range. Cynically, Infinity Ward might’ve gone a bit overboard with the SP-R to engage players into getting the more expensive $20 battle pass that unlocks the weapon immediately. On the other hand, the rifle is so perfect throwback to a bygone era of CoD—when sniper rifles were a must-have at every range imaginable, especially by those who know how to quickscoping.

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