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Breaking News: Modern Warfare III Unveils Thrilling Zombies Mode in Latest Trailer

by William Linden

A brand-new trailer has just unveiled the highly anticipated Zombies mode for the upcoming blockbuster, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. Zombies have been a beloved feature in the Call of Duty franchise since their introduction in Treyarch’s Call of Duty: World At War back in 2008, gracing both the World War 2-themed games and the Black Ops series. However, this time around, fans are in for an exciting twist, as it marks the first appearance of the Zombies mode in a Modern Warfare title.

The adrenaline-pumping Modern Warfare III Zombies Trailer kicks off with a team of elite operators engaged in a high-stakes assault on a heavily fortified checkpoint, utilizing a light armored vehicle for cover. Scaling walls and breaching buildings, they advance through the battlefield. The suspenseful atmosphere takes an unexpected turn when they stumble upon a hidden basement. Inside, they discover four withered corpses gathered around a mysterious, enigmatic device. As tension mounts, the object springs open, revealing an array of glowing vials. Meanwhile, the lead soldier removes his gas mask, unveiling the iconic Viktor Zakhaev from the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Just as Zakhaev’s escape seems imminent, a police SWAT team storms in, and he finds himself pinned down by a relentless sniper. With a desperate move, Zakhaev hurls one of the vials like a makeshift grenade, unleashing a sinister cloud of zombifying gas. Safely ensconced within their armored vehicle, Zakhaev and his driver bear witness to the gruesome spectacle as the undead horde descends upon both the military forces and the police. The trailer then transitions to an operator’s perspective, where Kate Laswell and “Soap” MacTavish brief them on the dire situation.

For those hungry for more backstory, Activision has generously shared additional lore about Modern Warfare III Zombies. Players will become part of “Operation Deadbolt,” a covert CIA initiative activated in the aftermath of the events seen in Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode. Their arrival on the scene takes place a few weeks after Zakhaev unleashed the zombie outbreak.

The game promises intense battles against both human adversaries and the relentless undead. Players must thwart Zakhaev and his Terminus operatives while simultaneously facing a seemingly endless wave of zombies. This mode will immerse operators in multi-stage tasks within increasingly challenging open-world PvE extraction missions. According to Activision, this hybrid mode blends the best elements of Treyarch Zombies with the meticulously crafted map design characteristic of the Modern Warfare series.

Prepare for the undead mayhem as Modern Warfare III Zombies is set to launch alongside the Campaign and Multiplayer modes when the game hits the shelves on November 10, 2023. Additionally, players can snag the exclusive “Zombie Ghost” Operator Skin by pre-ordering or pre-purchasing any digital edition of the game.

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