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Blumhouse Will Produce 8 Horror/Genre Thriller Movies for Epix

by ZeeshanN

Blumhouse is joining forces with Epix, and they will develop and produce 8 original horror/genre-thriller movies exclusively for the network. Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum will be the executive producer on these projects.

The first movie will be developed under the new partnership and it will be called A House on the Bayou, and it comes from writer and director Alex McAulay.

The movie is going to be about “a troubled couple and their preteen daughter who go on vacation to an isolated house in the Louisiana bayou to reconnect as a family. But when unexpected visitors arrive, their facade of family unity starts to unravel, as terrifying secrets come to light.”

They are casting for the movie right now, and it’s expected to air on Epix in December 2021. The other seven movies being developed will be released in 2022.

Epix president Michael Wright said in a statement announcing the new slate.

“Blumhouse’s track record of producing high-quality, audience-favorite films have made them a driving force in the horror genre renaissance, and have been top-notch partners for EPIX. We can’t wait to work with Jason Blum and his talented team in this new capacity, and make EPIX the exclusive home of more Blumhouse content.”

Blumhouse Television president Chris McCumber said:

“This partnership with EPIX is an additional opportunity for us to collaborate with a great team in helping them grow their slate of genre films, while continuing to bring Blumhouse fans the kind of programming they know and love.”

Blumhouse and Epic worked in the past as well. They produced the four-part docuseries Fall River, which tells the story of a series of gruesome murders tied to satanic cults and sex in the 1980s. That’s set to air on May 16th.

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