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BEYOND BLUE Will Show You Oceans Like Never Before

by ZeeshanN

Beyond Blue is from E-Line, the developer behind the award-winning Never Alone.

Now all of the gamers will be given with some truly special footage and content when the game releases. Beyond Blue will come with sixteen unlockable mini-documentaries. Called “Ocean Insights,” these features will include footage and interviews with ocean experts. Scientists like Dr. Mandy Joye, Dr. David Gruber, and Dr. Sylvia Earle will be sharing their own inspiring exploration of the ocean and the discoveries they’ve made so far.

With all this, in addition to the single-player narrative, sounds marvelous. Many developers have begun experimenting with games that push the limits of the medium and try to create memorable experiences while sharing truths about humanity and the changing world we live in.

Beyond Blue will do that through the eyes of Mirai, a deep-sea explorer, and scientist. E-Line ensures a grand narrative with a pleasing voice cast, underwater exploration like never before, and a soundtrack with music from popular artists across multiple genres.

And now these awesome mini-documentaries to unlock.

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