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Back to the Future’s Twin Pines Mall Featured in Viral “Dead Mall” YouTube Video

by ZeeshanN
Back to the Future

The iconic Twin Pines Mall, also known as Lone Pines Mall, from the movie “Back to the Future” has gained attention in a viral video showcasing its current state as a “dead mall.” The video, produced by YouTubers Retail Archaeology, explores the modern-day appearance of the Puente Hills Mall, located in Los Angeles’ City of Industry area. The footage reveals that the once-thriving shopping destination has now become a deserted and inactive location, which is quite strange to witness considering its cinematic significance.

The owners of Puente Hills Mall, however, are still promoting the site as an appealing destination. Their website warmly welcomes visitors and invites them to enjoy the shopping, dining, and entertainment options available at the mall. They emphasize the communal experience that the mall offers, highlighting its role as a gathering place for neighbors, friends, and families since its establishment in 1974. The website also promotes various events and encourages people to stay updated on the latest happenings at the mall.

Malls, in general, are gradually fading from prominence, with only the largest and most extravagant mega-malls managing to thrive. The emergence of superstores like Target and Walmart, along with the dominance of online retail giant Amazon, has significantly impacted traditional malls. Across the United States, both strip malls and traditional malls are slowly transforming into ghost towns, with diminishing foot traffic and declining businesses. The inclusion of the Back to the Future mall on this list of declining malls adds an ironic twist, making it feel as if we are living in a future where the character Biff’s dystopian version of reality has prevailed.

Overall, the transformation of the Puente Hills Mall into a “dead mall” reflects the larger trend of declining malls across the country, showcasing the impact of changing consumer preferences and the rise of e-commerce on traditional retail spaces.

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