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Auctify Smart Glasses Were Made To Improve Productivity

by ZeeshanN
Auctify Specs

“Supercharge your focus, eliminate distractions, and condition your mind to operate at its best.”

Auctify, Inc. has unveiled the Auctify Specs, a pair of smart glasses that are designed to boost productivity. These are actually pretty fascinating and I’d be curious to see if they actually do what they promise.

Specs are smart glasses that use computer vision and heart rate biosensors to track your productivity and alert you in real-time when you’re going off task. Using a system of strategies created under the advisement of expert neuroscientists, psychiatrists, and psychologists, Specs help make procrastination a thing of the past.

Here at Auctify, we understand that everyone’s goals are different, we made our companion app fully customizable. Whether you’re looking to move up at work, ace an exam, or learn a new skill, Specs will help you stay on track for your specific goals.

Specs also come with bone-conducting speakers and it can also work as a fitness tracker. Auctify is for both prescription and non-prescription glasses. Check out the demo video below. For more information go to the Indegogo page.

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