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Atari’s Missile Command is Coming Back as a Mobile Game

by ZeeshanN
atari missle command

Atari is bringing back Missile Command nostalgia and it is working on it for a while now and now with re-released games and even plans for a movie. Now it’s creating Missile Command: Recharged, a more enhanced version of the classic base defense game and it will be available on Android and iOS.

The touch input is a huge update, but you’ll also see an updated system, power-ups, achievements, and online leaderboards. There’s even an AR mode where you can play on a virtual cabinet in your room, if you have sweet memory of playing this game in an arcade as a child then you will get a kick out of this game.

Missile Command will be available in spring as a free-to-play game with ads, although there will be a buy option to play the game ad-free as well. Missile Command’s 40th anniversary (it first hit arcades in July 1980). It shows how far gaming has come over 40 years. A game that used to need a huge cabinet and a trackball now will come on your phone for some portable fun. And it has a lot more features than the original. Feeling old yet?

Source: Engadget

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