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Apple Watch Series 7 Will Come With Double Sided S7 Processor

by ZeeshanN
Apple Watch Series 7

We heard some new details on the new Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch, the new gadget is expected to release in September along with the new iPhone 13.

Now it would seem that we have some more information on the next-generation Apple Watch, the new watch is rumored to come with a double-sided S7 processor or SiP (System in Package), the chip will be supplied by  ASE technology.

The news comes in a report from Digitimes which has said that the use of a double-sided SiP provides for the chip to be made smaller and this saves up some space inside the casing. This would allow Apple to use a bigger battery in the watch or other components.

We heard earlier that the new Apple Watch Series 7 would get some design changes in this year’s new model. This will include slimmer bezels than the current watch, although the device may be thicker in terms of its overall profile.

The thicker casing on the device would possibly not be noticeable when the watch is on your wrist, it is also expected to get some new tech in terms of new improved sensors.

It might come with a blood sugar sensor, although that is not expected in this year’s model, it may be in next years. There are also rumors of a new body temperature sensor, this could be in this year’s watch model.

Apple is expected to launch its next-generation smartwatch sometime in September.

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