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Apple Releases Video Of iOS 15.4 Release Candidate

by ZeeshanN
iOS 15.4

Apple unveiled iOS 15.4 is going to come out next week, they also released a new beta of the software to developers, iOS 15.4 Release Candidate.

The new iOS 15.4 Release Candidate is essentially the final beta version of the software and assuming there are no problems with it, this is the version that will be released for all users.

The video below from Zollotech gives us a look at the changes and also the new features that are coming to the iPhone with the release of iOS 15.4.

This update comes with the new Face ID feature that will let you unlock your iPhone using your Face ID when you are wearing a mask. This feature will work with the iPhone 12 handsets and the iPhone 13 handsets.

There is also a variety of new Emoji in this update with 14 new characters and 37 new Emoji, plus some bug fixes and also mixed performance improvements.

There will also be a number of other updates released, this will include watchOS 8.5, macOS Monterey 12.3, and iPadOS 15.4. We suspect that Apple may release these new updates either next Tuesday or next Wednesday.

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